asked questions

How do I add multiple videos to edit?

On the “My Stories” screen press the “Create Story” button. Select with videos you want to add to your story from your phone library.

FLO will run these selected videos through our advanced algorithms to give you an awesome auto edited video story.

You can also directly go to the gallery and start selecting the videos by long pressing them and adding them to the video story.

How many medias can we add?

You can select up to 200 elements. Keep in mind that the more medias you add the longer the video will take to export. Also, the video is limited by the length of the music so you'll need a pretty long soundtrack to see all medias! The video is created by the device itself, not by a machine on a distant server. The magic happens in your iPhone/iPad, but magic needs a little power so basically the less powerful your device is, the less magic it makes, the more it may crash :(

Why is it taking time to create my story?

FLO runs the selected videos through some advanced algorithms so that it can pick up the best parts of the video and weave them together. And hence the time taken. Good things take a little bit more time so please be patient, sit back and let us make the best video for you.

Why should I shoot videos using our app?

We highly recommend capturing videos using the FLO app, as the optical data collection and image processing is done simultaneously during recording. So when you choose this video for auto editing it will take no time to process compared to the videos shot otherwise.

How to fine tune video manually?

If you feel the auto-edited video needs a little bit of tweaking, you can do it using our “One-Tap Fine Tune” on the editing screen.

Step 1: Press the edit button on the “Editing” Screen. This will open up the fine tuning options.

(Understanding OTFT: Video on top is the edited video and the one below it is the original unedited clips you have selected. The graph at the bottom represents the level of action happening in the clips. The selected segments are marked in orange.)

Step 2: If you want to add a certain segment to the edited video just go that segment of the original clip and press the + button and this part gets added.

Similarly, if you want to delete a certain segment from the edited video just go that segment and press the - button and this part gets deleted.

How to add music from iTunes library?

When selecting the music for your video you can either choose from our curated music collection or from your iTunes library. The song in iTunes Library should have been downloaded in your library. FLO does not support iCloud library or subscription based library. Your music may/may not be pulled down from Youtube/Facebook/Instagram or other platforms if they deem the music used as copyright issue. The music used from our curated list is licensed to be used and published but you may still face issues with publishing on Facebook and other platforms.

How to remove original sound of the video?

In the music setting on the “Editing” screen you can remove the original sound from the video clip completely by moving the slider to the extreme right.

How to add the voiceover?

Currently, FLO does not let you add a voice over to your video directly. If you need to add one you could record your voice, save the file as .mp3 and sync it with your iTunes library. You can then add it as a background track to your FLO video.

How to add/remove the FLO bumper to/from the video?

You can add/remove the FLO bumper with the option available inside the bumper setting on the “Editing” page.

What is the output quality of the story created?

The quality of video created from our app is Full HD i.e 1920x1080 provided you have activated the “Export in HD” setting. If your media is on iCloud, to avoid having low resolutions photos in your FLO video in the iCloud Settings choose "Download and keep Originals" instead of "Optimize storage".

How to change the thumbnail for my video?

You can change the thumbnail of your video from the share screen, by sliding and choosing the frame you want to use for publishing/sharing.

Why did Facebook delete my video?

If you upload a video that uses copyrighted music, then it is very likely that Facebook will remove your video.

In case you used a licensed music track, and Facebook still went ahead and pulled down your video. You should take it up Facebook and get the license reviewed. The same applies for our collection of music.
Ya, it's a really painful.

Privacy: Who can see my videos?

Your video story is not shared or uploaded anywhere without your permission. If you choose to, you can share it on all of social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc. from the share screen.

Deleting the video from the app deletes it from everywhere

How to import videos to my device?

If you don't use iCloud:

  • Add all your photos and videos to a folder that you drag in the folder "Pictures"
  • In iTunes: go to your iPhone/iPad, then in the section "Photos"
  • Check the option "Synchronize photos from"
  • Choose the folder "Pictures"
  • Check the option "Selected folders" and choose your folder with your medias
  • Don't forget to check the option "include videos"
  • Your medias will be found under the tab "Albums" in FLO

If you use iCloud:

  • Go to the iPhoto app on your Mac
  • Import your videos in iPhoto
  • Select the asset you want to use and share them in an iCloud album
  • On your iCloud-synced iDevice (iPhone or iPad), you'll see these new videos. It might take a few minutes to synchronize.
  • You will find the elements in FLO under the tab "Albums"

Please note that your media will be added according to the date when they were taken (not the date when they were added). If you don't find them right away, scroll down.)